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Shipping Containers For Sale Raleigh NC

Looking to buy a new or used shipping container in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. Well you have come to the right place!

There are numerous benefits to buying a new or used shipping container in Raleigh, NC. At Raleigh Shipping Containers, we offer a variety of sizes, allowing you to choose the one that works for you. A shipping container can come in a 10 foot, 20 foot, or 40 foot model. It all depends on how much you plan on shipping or storing inside.

How would I use a shipping container?

There are many uses for shipping containers. You can choose to use them as: a means of shipping by truck or by freighter ship; a self-storage facility; or a home or other accommodation. Many of our customers in and around Raleigh need to buy a container in order to create a portable office on a job site, or store equipment, machinery or other valuable goods.

Once you have placed the shipping container down, such as on concrete, you can then start loading it. Any shipping container for sale in Raleigh can stay where it is on a permanent or semi-permanent basis or it can be a means of helping you transport items from one location to another. Feel free to call us at 919-533-5280 if you need to talk about the storage containers for sale in our yard and see which would be the best for you to buy.

Shipping containers in North Carolina are versatile. They can be moved by truck as well as by freighter ship. This allows you to move them throughout North America as well as overseas. If you choose not to move them, they can become your self-storage or even re-purposed into a home, business, or entertainment facility. Many people are learning how to recycle old shipping containers as a solution to affordable housing and we can show you just how beneficial they can be.

Call us today at 919-533-5280 if you are looking for a container in or around the Raleigh, North Carolina area.

We Have A Variety Of Container Conditions

One Trip

The One Trip shipping container is essentially a brand new container. It has been used one time to ship a load across the ocean and will meet all standards for cargo containers according to the Institute of International Container Lessors.


This is our version of a refurbished shipping container. They generally run in age anywhere from 5-15 years old or more and have been used multiple times to ship cargo across the ocean. The premier container generally looks and works very well. Dents and dings on this grade of container are minimal, and the exterior of the container is complimented by a complete new paint job.


IICL – 5 structurally is the best used container money can buy. In terms of the steam ship lines this container would theoretically be guaranteed to survey to go back on the water for 5 years from the time it was graded as IICL – 5. If your project requires a high degree of structural integrity, yet you do not want to invest in a new container, this may be the fit for you. Cosmetics – any used container is going to have at least some degree of surface rust as well as some dings and dents from being on the ocean air and being handled by container lifts at terminals throughout the world. The IICL is generally a younger container and therefore it is safe to say generally has less surface rust and wear and tear than typical used containers do.

Cargo Worthy

Basic cargo worthy shipping containers generally range in age from 5 – 20 years old or more. For the client that is concerned with appearance, the CWO grade is the way to go as again surface rust, dings, and dents are generally minimal. This is an excellent cargo container for both storage purposes and those of export. CWO shipping containers most often will survey and can be put back on the water for those clients needing to ship international cargo.

Wind and Water Tight

Wind & Water Tight shipping containers are generally purchased for purposes of storage and most often cannot not be used to export cargo. They can range in age from 15-30 years old or more and will often have noticeable, heavy surface rust, dings, dents, and other significant signs of age and use. If cosmetics are important, the Wind and Water Tight Shipping container is most likely NOT the right fit of you. These containers will most often not be surveyed and put back on the water. We guarantee this grade of the shipping container to be wind and water tight.

Container Sizes

If you are looking for something in particular give us a call today. We have a lot of containers not listed here and would love to find the perfect shipping container for you.

10 Foot Container

A ten foot shipping container is perfect if you are on a tighter budget and have a smaller shipment. Or maybe you want to use it as a storage shed or home office. Either way, call us today and we will help you find the right container.

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40 Foot Container

A forty foot industrial strength container is great for large shipments. We have seen people pack a lot of stuff into these as well as turn them into amazing container homes and studios. Call today to get started.

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20 Foot Container

Twenty foot container comes in handy when you have a lot of stuff, but don't need the big daddy forty foot container. It's a great option and you can always buy another if you need more room.

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We will help you determine which size container you will need!

When you decide you want to buy shipping containers in Raleigh, NC, the next thing you need to figure out is which size you need. Since there are multiple options, we can help you figure it out. Sometimes it can be advantageous to have two smaller ones instead of one larger one – and that’s what we’re here to help you decide.

At Raleigh Shipping Containers, we offer a variety of sizes from 10 to 40 foot containers and larger depending on needs.

The first thing you need to decide is what you will be doing with the container. Shipping, storage, and creating a building of sorts are the three main things most people use the containers for. Your reasoning behind one over another may be unique. As long as you identify your use, then you can work towards determining the best possible size.

The second thing is where you plan on storing the shipping container, either permanently or while you are loading it. This is where most people fail to do the proper measuring as a 40 foot container can take up a significant amount of space. While you may think you need all of that space, if you don’t have the footprint for it, you could end up in a significant amount of trouble. We have professionals to help you think of all of these things prior to ordering so you don’t encounter problems upon delivery.

It’s important to measure and create schematics for what you will be using the container for. If you need a container in Raleigh because it will be used as a home or other venue, then you will want to create a floor plan for it. You may decide to add some additional features to the interior, such as makeshift walls, doors, windows, and more.

If you are planning on using it for a self-storage facility, then you will want to figure out the square footage of what you are storing and then determine the best size. When you’re trying to figure out the best size and simply cannot choose, we are here for you. We have checklists as well as our expertise to help you measure and determine what size storage container is best for you.

Whether you are shipping or storing, there is a size that’s right for you and we have it. Even if you’re not sure of the size when you call, we will work with you to learn of your needs and then recommend a shipping container in Raleigh. Since we have so many sizes, you won’t have to “settle” on a size that may or may not work for you.

Contact us today to learn more about our shipping containers, our sizes, and how we can help you with all of your shipping and storage needs at Raleigh Shipping Containers. Call us at 919-533-5280 and we will help you out!

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We are Raleigh's number one location for all things shipping container related. Containers now offer more than just inter-coastal or intercontinental shipping, our containers have started to see a new, and invigorating use as a cost effective alternative to standard structures.

Over the years, our shipping containers have formed school modules, storage facilities, temporary offices, machine shops, and even cutting edge homes. The versatility of our high quality products are starting to become more aware, and their uses are multiplying in every direction. With this growth, we have expanded our productivity and services to the Raleigh's region, to bring you the best quality, and most cost effective means of taking advantage of this new trend in discovering new uses for Shipping Containers.

We aim to bring our customers the absolute best when it comes to craftsmanship, attention to detail, and pride in our work. We put every product through rigorous testing to ensure that it will stand up to your choice of use, whether that's carrying sensitive cargo overseas, or creating something new and unique inside one of our containers. Your choices in what to do with your container is endless, but your only choice for where to acquire it should be clear.

Put your trust in the quality of Raleigh's Shipping Containers, and we will bring you a product that will stand up to the thousands of possibilities with strength and longevity.